World Flycasting Championship 2022 to be held in Norway

We proudly announce that The 6th World Flycasting Championship 2022 will be held at Kvitåvatn, Gaustablikk, Wednesday 10th to Sunday 14th of august. 90 athletes from 12 nations will attend to compete in spectacular surroundings of the beautiful mountains of Rjukan and Tinn. 

Casting sport has a longstanding tradition in Norway along with sports fishing in general. This is amongst the reasons why we have chosen Gaustablikk as the venue for this world championship, with 800 rivers and lakes overseen by the beautiful mountain Gaustatoppen is surrounding the arena where the competitions are held. 

The athlets compete in four classes; men, women, veteran men and veteran women in eight disiplines Trout accuracy, Trout distance, Seatrout distance, salmon distance, Spey distance 15'1' and Spey distance 16/18', togheter with two combination events. Visitors are offered modern accomodation at Gaustablikk Fjellresort, a short walk from the courts. Our vision is simple - the world championship shall highlight fly casting as a sport as well as promote Rjukan and Tinn as a travel destination, while creating memories for life for all competitors, volunteers and spectators. Our ambition is to create the best fly casting world championship ever! Not more - not less.

The Norwegian Casting Federation is organized under the umbrella of The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic committee and Confederation of Sports Federation. The association has 1500 active members. The World Flycasting Championship is organized by International Casting Sport Federation, The Norwegian Casting Federation and Rjukan & Tinn Fluekasteklubb in cooperation.

For more information, please contact

Marius H. Johannessen
Secretary general of The Norwegian Casting Federation
phone: +47 91388617