How to get there?

International travellers will most likely fly into Oslo International Airport. If you arrive to Norway by boat you will have to take a combination of train and bus to get to Rjukan. If you self- organize we advise you to visit to find the most suited solution. 

The address is Kvit√•vatnvegen 372, 3660 Rjukan. This address takes you directly to Gaustablikk Fjellresort. 

If you wish to rent a car we strongly suggest you pick it up at the point of entry to Norway, e.g, Oslo International Airport. Driving directions here.

You can also contact us for options and information. 

All activities related to the world championship are located within walking distance from Gaustablikk Fjellresort. Gaustablikk Fjellresort is where you stay unless you have made your own lodging arrangements. So from a practical point of view you do not need to rent a car for your stay! Gaustadblikk is located 10 km outside downtown Rjukan, and we will have a shuttle service available for local transport.